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All and Rounder: We bring everything under one roof

Bespoke, customer-oriented, well-founded solutions implemented in a sustainably energy-efficient manner: EQUANS embodies a new mindset to your benefit.

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This distinguishes us

3 good reasons for EQUANS

There are many good reasons for a career with EQUANS.
Here we have the top 3 reasons why a job at EQUANS Austria is worthwhile.

Technical and management careers
As a general contractor, EQUANS offers the complete spectrum of sustainable building technology, from planning and construction, continuing with service, modernisation and solutions for energy optimisation, right up to a comprehensive energy supply. In the process, we also work on innovative concepts for alternative energy technologies. EQUANS offers you a great variety of development possibilities both in a technical or expert role, or in a management track, because only with your knowledge and commitment are our innovations even possible.

Sustainability and responsibility
Energy markets worldwide are executing a transition to a low CO2, digital and decentralised energy industry. We as EQUANS are an active part of this change. As the biggest private energy producer worldwide, EQUANS is well aware of its responsibility in the fight against climate change. Therefore, it is our objective to align the energy supply of the future around sustainability and responsibility to our planet as well as coming generations.

EQUANS family
First work and then play? There is a good mix at EQUANS. We spend the majority of our lives at and with our work. Therefore, it is that much more important to feel good in the process and enjoy our duties. For that reason, the focus at EQUANS is on people, even in the toughest everyday project activities. Many companies describe their community as a “family”; very few of them actually live this out. We are proud of our numerous, longstanding and experienced employees and equally our young potentials with new ideas. The greatest common aspects are found in the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, openness for unusual solution paths as well as the strong teamwork.

To live this community and constantly reinforce it, we get together (also alongside and outside of work and often also with family members) in order to maintain it together. We recharge our batteries at company celebrations such as the summer & Christmas party, but also when doing sports together and in joint undertakings.

At EQUANS, community is not a marketing slogan but rather reality that is lived out.


What we offer

  • flexible working hours
  • a wide variety of training opportunities at the EQUANS Academy
  • high safety standards and promotion of higher quality of working life
  • attractive offers and benefits at partner companies and suppliers

EQUANS Group International

EQUANS is a multi technical service provider. With its head office in Paris, EQUANS is represented in more than 13 countries throughout the world.