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Nahwärme Kreuzstetten GmbH
Nahwärmestraße 1
2124 Niederkreuzstetten


Registration and Information

Janos Prugberger
Sales District Heating
M: +43 664 608 407 107

Hot line

T: +43 676 66 812 07


Nahwärme Kreuzstetten

Your heating: CO2-nutral, reliable and clean

Responsible use of natural resources, sustainable energy generation and efficient use of energy determine the quality of life on our planet in the future. Sustainable energy makes an important contribution to this for today's and especially coming generations.

Nahwärme Kreuzstetten GmbH, part of EQUANS Energie GmbH, emphasis the great importance protecting the environment and the use of renewable energy.

We are ready to make your energy supply sustainable and assume long-term responsibility for our future generations.

The supply of wood for the heating installation is secured by a domestic supply of raw materials.

We source 100% of the wood chips from farmers, companies and private individuals in the vicinity of 10 km.