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Building in partnership starts with listning, understandung and developing a vision.

Equans a new leader for multi-technical services

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Empowering Transitions - we are partner for our customers:| - in the energy transition| - in the industrial transition| - in the digital transition

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The health and safety of our employees is our highest prioity. As well as further development and continuous improvement.

With our technical competence and our "one-stop shop" approach, we are partners for industry, retail, residential buildings and communities to accompany them in the three main transitions of our time:

- energy transition
- industrial transition
- digital transition

EMPOWERING TRANSITIONS - as partner we stand for:
1. A team of specialists
2. Customer proximity & highest customer benefit
3. Innovative, energy efficient solutions for installations and buildings

We are ISO9001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 certified

More than 1,000

2 locations &

Annual Turnover
225 mio. EUR

Equans in Austria – We bring everything under one roof

Equans is one of the leading installation and energy service providers in Austria. Our 1,000 employees plan, build and operate state-of-the-art technical systems and buildings and supply them with sustainable energy. Equans is part of the Bouygues group.

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