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Building in partnership starts with listning, understandung and developing a vision.

ENGIE forms with EQUANS a new leader for multi-technical services

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Empowering Transitions - we are partner for our customers:| - in the energy transition| - in the industrial transition| - in the digital transition

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With 74,000 employees in 17 countries and annual turnover of EUR 12 billion, EQUANS is a new global leader in multi-technical services. To strengthen its presence, EQUANS has chosen a name and brand identity that conveys all its values ??and ambitions. The claim – “Empowering Transitions” – is a testament to its staff's commitment to their clients and their ability to innovate and adapt to provide them with high value-added services.

The goal of EQUANS is to be the preferred partner of its customers to support them on their journey in the areas of energy transition, industrialization and digitalization. EQUANS is located in 6 areas of competence:
- Electric
- Refrigeration
- Mechanics & Robotics
- Digital & IT
- Facility management.

EQUANS already has leading positions in key European markets (notably France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, UK and Austria) and is also very well positioned in the US and Latin America.