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EQUANS plant, errichtet und betreibt langfristig für Sie Photovoltaikanlagen. 

Photovoltaik lohnt sich:

Preissenkung PV-Module
- 40% seit 2008

Steigende Stromkosten
+ 15% in 2 Jahren

Grünstrom immer wertvoller
+ 200% bis 400% 


EQUANS Energie GmbH
Leberstraße 120, 1110 Wien
Telefon: +43 5 740 36 7100 
Fax: +43 1 269 89 45
E-Mail: energie.at@equans.com


Photovoltaic Contracting

Our services
We analyze your location on technical as well as economic opportunities and challenges,.
Financing. We advise you on individual financing options.
Planning & Construction. We realize the photovoltaic system from planning to approval to commissioning.
Management. We ensure smooth operation of the PV system through permanent monitoring and regular maintenance.
Energy management. We advise you on energy-saving measures and optimize your photovoltaic system in order to ensure a long-term maximum yield.

Own production of renewable energy

Price security during the contract period

Care free solution Individual financing solutions Improved sustainability of your company 

Photovoltaic as sustainable part for your energy supply
Decreasing costs for PV modules
Thanks to technical development, PV modules are becoming more efficient and cheaper. Therefore, it is the perfect time now to (re)calculate the cost-effectiveness of a PV system for your location.

Rising and volatile electricity price
Electricity prices are still far from their historical peak (summer 2008), but have been rising steadily. The financial crisis is behind us, and as economic growth increases, so does the demand for renewable energies. The value of green electricity thus increases rapidly. With the photovoltaic solution from EQUANS, you can generate renewable energy directly on your own roof.