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Cooling installations are also available as plug-and-play container solution.

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EQUANS Kältetechnik GmbH
Langegasse 19
6923 Lauterach
T: +43 5 740 36 6000  
E: office-ek@equans.com

EQUANS Gebäudetechnik GmbH
Leberstraße 43
1110 Wien
T: +43 5 740 36 - 0
E: gt.at@equans.com

EQUANS liquid chillers - economic and reliable

EQUANS Kältetechnik supplies components and all-in solutions for liquid cooling for refrigeration and industrial applications. Depending on the temperature range, dry coolers, wet cooling towers, hybrid solutions or chillers are used. For the supply of cold water or brine, our solutions include a variety of liquid chillers, especially with natural refrigerants such as ammonia.

We have special know-how for the construction of ice storage, liquid ice and free cooling systems. EQUANS Kältetechnik products are the extremely robust, like corrosion-resistant wet cooling towers made of plastic as well as lour iquid chiller from the Quantum series, with magnetically levitated turbocompressors achieve the best efficiency rates.

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