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One contact for the entire life cycle

Increased energy efficiency

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EQUANS Gebäudetechnik GmbH
Leberstraße 120
1110 Wien
T: +43 5 740 36 0
E: gt.at@equans.com

Commercial & industrial cooling installations and heat pumps:
EQUANS Kältetechnik GmbH
Langegasse 19
6923 Lauterach
T +43 5574 67 05
E: office-ek@equans.com

Energy supply contracting:
EQUANS Energie GmbH
Leberstraße 120
1110 Wien
T: +43 5 740 36 7100
E: energie.at@equans.com

Intelligent solutions for
Heating, ventilation, airconditioning and plumbing

EQUANS develops intelligent concepts and individual solutions for energy-efficient HVAC systems and installations. The aim is to increase comfort and operational security, taking into account economic aspects. Through our own planning, installation and servicing, we have in-depth knowledge.

Our clients benefit from the network of local EQUANS experts and their international cooperation within the EQUANS Group. With prompt service and stored spare parts, EQUANS accompanies your systems over their entire life cycle. If necessary we adapt the systems according new regulations or demands.

EQUANS is also a specialist in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, air conditioners, water and brine refrigerators, cooling towers and heat pumps. Our focus is on natural refrigerants and efficient heat recovery.

To this end, EQUANS offers an innovative heat and cooling contracting service. This means that EQUANS invests in your new or existing cooling or heat supply. Only the delivered energy is invoiced. EQUANS takes over the operation as well as the maintenance and servicing of the systems, so that a secure supply of cold and heat is guaranteed.

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